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Our wines

This great wine is made with a selection of grapes from the most prestigious terroirs. The wines of Château Suduiraut boast exceptional ageing capacity and offer a most harmonious alliance between aromas of flowers and fruit candied and «rôtis» grapes. Above all else, they embody perfect balance and elegance.

This second wine is insolent in its modernity : it’s not a matter of invention but of innovation and change! Just like a classical Sauternes, the grapes are harvested by hand for their famous noble rot, but rarely has a wine been so fresh and so full of life and fruitiness. This Sauternes was created for uninhibited consumers, eager to discover new sensations.

Les Lions de Suduiraut wines adapt with mastery to any occasion: perfect at aperitif time, great with appetizers and tapas or whenever your imagination takes you. At ease on all tables, in all seasons, the wine can only seduce you.

Castelnau de Suduiraut is crafted with the same attention to detail as the main wine, Château Suduiraut. It is a fresh, elegant wine combining youth and complexity.
Thanks to its generous structure, it may be opened early for full enjoyment of the fruit, served as an aperitif or with a fruit salad.

The other expression of Château Suduiraut : The richness and diversity of the Suduiraut terroir gave us the idea of trying to make a great dry white wine. S de Suduiraut reveals the fullest expression of another facet of our terroir, as well as of the «savoir-faire» of our team.